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Kiosk Substations

Kiosk Substations

Switchboards for kiosk substations are the first products ever manufactured by Weber South Pacific. These first switchboards were only for electricity distributors.

Today switchboards from 50kVA to 3500kVA are manufactured for electricity distributors and mining companies alike and from form 1 construction to form 4a arc contained design to AS3439.1 annexure ZD. While switchboards for new installations are most common, with the aging network that exists in Australia the necessity to retrofit assemblies is regularly required. In some cases the demand exists due to equipment failure but in other cases it is a matter of improving the safety of the installed equipment.

Rating: 1000kVA
Construction: Form 1
Application: Single large customer with space for street feeders
Customer: Electricity Distributor
Rating: 1500kVA
Construction: Form 3b
Application: Distribution switchboard
Customer: Defence
Rating: 1000kVA
Construction: Form 4a
Application: AS3439.1 annexure ZD – arc contained
Customer: Mining company
Arc contained

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