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About Us

Our experience, knowledge and service are our badges of honour.

Reliable electricity networks are based on a disciplined approach to standard procedures and standard products. As networks age and new materials and technology are developed, new products are introduced. Weber’s knowledge and understanding of the existing procedures and product standards is important so that the consequence of this updating is only a more reliable network. Weber’s field staff and engineering team work closely with standards engineers and operations staff to help develop new standards that are a necessary part of these changes.

Electricity networks are commonly subjected to extremes of weather such as floods, cyclones and fires as well as human related accidents. Planning and good standards cannot eliminate these events entirely. Weber recognises that such events occur and is prepared to meet the urgency that each customer may require. Key component stock that relates to each customer’s network is readily available. Supporting this is the culture to act quickly to provide the replacement equipment – whether that means engineering a replacement assembly or air freighting components to a remote region.

As a solution provider Weber is dependent on a loyal and hardworking production team. Working enough hours at the right time is a trait of the many long serving staff members in Weber’s team. The loyalty is a result of understanding the work – life balance shared among managers and production staff alike. A culture of allowing flexible working hours means that people with special family needs are employed. This assists in attracting the level and quantity of skills necessary to deliver the promises Weber makes to customers.

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